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The Museum de La Rochelle features collections that have a link to human cultures (archaeology, ethnography), collections that relate to the natural world (geology, botany, zoology) and documentary collections that relate to both domains. The Museum's originality rests in its ability to present these collections to the public and fully enhance their interaction with them.

The natural history collections, present since the Museum opened in the 18th century, were complemented by the archaeological collections in the 19th century and the ethnography collections in the 20th century. The richness of the local natural environment, the exploitation and study of the marine environment and the opening up to the world through maritime trade have, without doubt, encouraged the increase in this heritage and its diversification.

The Clément Lafaille natural history cabinet, the 19th century zoology gallery and the documents in the scientific library bear precious witness to this history that is intimately linked to the history of science and culture in Europe.

The Museum’s collections make it one of the leading museums outside Paris, placing it on a par with the heritage of much larger cities.


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